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Laser Highway feat. Caustic Grip & Monsters Around Us (QLD)

SATURDAY 12th October

The witching hour is almost upon us! Come worship with your fellow cultists as we explore our deepest desires of dark synthesizer music. Doubling up our live performances again in October, witness the might of local EBM wunderkind Caustic Grip and the pure industrial and IDM of Brisvegan Monsters Around Us! Rounding out the lineup from 3 DJs playing all manner of synthpop, darksynth and electro, we guarantee you will be praising the eldritch forces from beyond the veil!

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About Laser Highway

Laser Highway is a monthly nightclub event in its fourth year of operation featuring an incredible sound system, laser light shows, projection art, cocktail list, a big screen multiplayer game space and a pounding dancefloor to transport you to your retro home away from home. We’ve prided ourselves on creating a radically inclusive alternative club night to give you an experience that’s all about those thumping beats, synthesized basslines, good times and a touch of nostalgia and camaraderie from your past, present and future friends that you haven’t yet met. We’re planning on expanding into the international touring market nation-wide by taking our ethos and production values to venues across Australia from 2019 and beyond.

About Zerotonine

Zerotonine is the host, resident performer and runs Australia’s first monthly club night dedicated to synthwave, outrun and retro electro: Laser Highway in Melbourne. As a labour of love, he is dedicated to providing a unique experience for music makers and fans alike. He is also the co-host of www.kissfm.com.au’s (87.6 in Melbourne) Retro Electro Show from 2pm Wednesdays AEST.

Nothing from June 8, 2023 to December 8, 2023.