Laser Highway – April 2019

a post apocalyptic styled poster with a purple-pink color scheme showing a city in the background, a trash heap in the foreground along with a humanoid figure with slender arms outreached, a bone like mask and wings constructed out of debre. Above it the text "laser highway presents SHIV-R" below that, the DJs "DJ lobotomy, neil orchard, zerotonine" and the VJ "a comic book villain" and the more detailed event information "saturday 13 april at loop, 23 meyers place CBD 9pm start until late" with the weblinks "" and "" on the bottom left the text "free entry" and on the bottom right a genre list "darkelectro, darksynth, ebm, industrial"

In April, Laser Highway flicks on dark mode as we explore sights and sounds in the more evil side of cult electronica. We’re proud to host two acts linked closely with the local dark electronic scene making their Laser Highway debut, rounded out with favourite regulars to make this night a delightful delve into a digital dystopia.


Since their debut album release in 2010, Australian electro-industrial act SHIV-R have made an impact on the international dark alternative music scene and set themselves apart with a uniquely hard-hitting yet elegant sonic aesthetic. The group have toured extensively throughout over 20 countries including festivals in Europe and North America and have received heavy rotation on industrial dancefloors worldwide with their releases hitting number 1 on the DAC (German Alternative Charts) and top 10 in the GEWC (German Electronic Web Charts).

SHIV-R’s members Pete Crane (vocals & music) and Ben Bulig (music) continue to push for musical evolution and self-expression, presenting their project with a provocatively dark, lace-filtered visual style, to create a result that is altogether monstrously seductive.

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Hailing from Ireland, for the last 15 years DJ Lobotomy has been promoting and DJing alternative events. From Cabaret Nocturne, Carmillas and Slashdance through to most recently Melbourne’s biggest Gothic-industrial, Metal and Alternative club night FANG.
For Laser Highway he’s crafting a set which blends Dark Electronica, Synthpop, and old school Industrial with some of the bleaker Synthwave you know and love…



Neil Orchard etched out his musical path listening to the otherworldly sounds of obscure funk and European electronic music from the 70s and 80s. Exploring an array of sound archives from Belgium to Detroit and beyond, the physical journey continued though the steamy basements and factories of Melbourne’s rave scene of the 90s.

Playing recently at Techno Insurgency, Big Red Bus, and Earthcore, get ready for a sci-fi trip into a tapestry of dark, atmospheric, synth-heavy, analogue sounds. “For me, the mix is what counts, rather than specific tracks or genres. How can I sculpt something fresh out of old and new sounds?” Fun fact: When people ask Neil what his favourite music is, and he replies with EBM, he has to correct people when they think he likes EDM. Big difference.



Zerotonine is the host, resident DJ and runs Australia’s first and only monthly club night dedicated to synthwave, outrun and retro electro: Laser Highway in Melbourne. As a labour of love, he is dedicated to providing a unique experience for music makers and fans alike. He is also the co-host of‘s (87.6 in Melbourne) Retro Electro Show from 3pm Wednesdays AEST.

A veteran DJ and creator for over a decade playing too many genres internationally and at home in Australia, he is in love with arpeggio basslines, warm synths, and driving drums; his style is inspired by 80’s movies, the Lamborghini Countach, boss fights, neon vectors, keytars, androids, reverb guitars, gated drums, cosmic phenomena, bleeps and bloops. Expect a range of sonic styles to get your feet stomping and head rocking from all corners of the retro-verse.




We acknowledge that this event takes place on the traditionally owned land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin alliance, to whom sovereignty has never been ceded, and we pay our respects to their Elders past, present, and emerging.